Too many eCommerce sites still lack good search

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Helping customers finding the desired product with a few clicks and increasing conversion rates boosting sales.

E-Commerce Usability reports including one by Nielsen Norman Group (Jakob Nielsen) from 2011 shows that search on many eCommerce sites still lack good search.

Search remains a sore point, even though it has improved somewhat. In our first study, users succeeded in their initial search attempt on an e-commerce site 51% of the time. In the new study, users' first within-site query was successful 64% of the time.

However, user expectations for search quality are far beyond what today's websites actually deliver. As with most aspects of web usability, user expectations are set by their aggregated user experience from around the web. (As Jacob’s Law states: users spend the majority of their time on other sites than yours.) In the case of search, this means Google and the other major search engines — which, while not perfect, do work pretty well.

When users search an e-commerce site and don't find what they want, they often assume that the site doesn't have the desired product. Users have poor search skills and will typically leave a site rather than figure out how to reformulate their queries.”

The best eCommerce Search solutions often involve more than one Search approach to accomplish this

  • Helping the customer finding the right product would often be solved by using Faceted Search where the relevant facets would be: Brand, Model, Size, Price range etc. But optimizing business would include: exclude products that are not in stock, promote relevant accessories and force special offers ahead of other products.
  • Search results could also very from where on the Website Search is applied or personalized based on the visitors starting point or where the visitor came from, thus giving opportunity to apply differentiated relevancy, sorting gain more relevant results.
  • Making sure that the customer gets results is done by use of concepts or alternative search words, to insure the most relevant search results by expanding query’s to match up organization’s terminology or product brands versus the competitors equal.

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