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SAID – (Sygehus Apotekernes Informations Database) is a Knowledge Sharing co-operation between all Government Hospital Pharmaciesis in Denmark that use a joint Search Driven Solution serving several thousand hospital professionals.

All hospital pharmacies offer central pharmacy advice to hospital professionals. In order to ensure consistent and optimal quality of drug information to all hospitals have established a centralized, Nationwide Case Management Solution that also is an intranet based database of medical usages information.

The individual hospital pharmacies submit questions and answers (cases), as can be seen, assessed and used by colleagues who have had similar issues. This information is based on relevant literature and posters in subject databases, and the answers always approved by a pharmacist before publication. Drugs are classified according to the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification system.

Each hospital pharmacy has its own local database and access to a global database where personal information relating to questions asked by the doctor and answer by the pharmacist is anonymous. But far from all hospitals and departments have assigned a clinical pharmacist who performs clinical department or patient-specific functions, so they are served by access to the global database.

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