Making multiple Enterprise-type sources searchable!

Enterprise Search

Unified Search across corporate document shares and solutions.

In the business environment of today, time and knowledge are the most important resources. But all businesses and organisations waste these away on daily basis and thereby not utilising the potential of the business.

Information Challenge

35% of the time spent at work is used to gather information 35% of the time spent at work is used to gather information

Employees get 50% to 75% of their relevant information directly from other people

80% of an organizations information lies on individual hard disks and in personal files

Source: "The knowledge Worker Investment Paradox", Gartner

Internal knowledge

Time is spent on finding the information or the person with the right knowledge, at the right time, which is relevant to make a particular business decision. Information or access to knowledge is available in both structured and unstructured form dispersed across the organisation itself, which is not for people to aggregate and synthesise with ease.

Consider other waste scenarios

Time spent by IT personnel, specialists and consultants, managing company information and solutions that store, organise and give access to it. Employees that create and maintain information that will match already existing information. Documents are misplaced, mislabelled or forgotten. Information that never leaves the employees heads, due to “too much work” in publishing it, so colleagues can access it and utilise it.

Time Consumption

Nearly half of a knowledge worker’s time is non-productive, spent gathering information, converting formats, unsuccessfully searching, or recreating content that already exists.

Even the 25% of time spent on successful searching, while productive, represents an inefficiency that can be dramatically reduced. Ineffective access to data leaves knowledge workers spending only 26% of their time on their core task: analysis of information.

Source: "Breakdown of a knowledge worker’s time, IDC

Benefits of Enterprise Search

By introducing and Enterprise Search solution, such as Forward Search, a business would be able to increase the efficiency of the employees and be able to access and utilise knowledge fast.

Knowledge and expertise are stored in different documents and systems across business, but Forward Search provides a single access to all information, while still enforcing the security policy of each unique information source.

Enterprise ready With Forward Search it is easy to deploy, manage and integrate Search for your Websites or other Solutions with Enterprise-class capabilities designed for supporting even the most demanding organizations.

Benefits for businesses

  • More efficient operations
  • Faster response to customers
  • Better customer service
  • Greater awareness of customer requirements and opportunities
  • Maximizing sales - customers finding the relevant products easy and fast
  • More rapid development of goods and services
  • Compliance with disclosure aspects of legislation and regulations
  • Effective information sharing – exploiting the organisation’s knowledge capital
  • Finding the relevant colleague, with the relevant knowledge
  • Acting as a stimulus for innovation