Forward Search can be applied for any Search need!


For whatever search or findability need Forward Search will be a perfect solution.

Forward Search are applied for many different needs including:

  • Simple, but accurate and reliable Search on many Websites
  • Advanced Search covering many type of content from various sources on Websites or Intranets
  • eCommerce Search increasing conversion rates and boosting sales
  • Special solutions where Search are a key element
  • Legacy systems or special sources holding valuable information

Forward Search Objective

Forward Search resolves complex search problems which are not solved by a one size fits all system, no matter how large (Enterprise Ready) or small your organization.

Supplying fast implementation

Many appliances

  • Feature rich with many advanced features like Faceted SearchGeo Search, OCR Search, Secure Search, Document Search and Multimedia Search.


  • Search for any use with numerous ways to customize and interfere with the platform in order to meet different needs.


  • Run Search on one non-dedicated or many dedicated servers with high availability and load balancing, or scale globally with Amazon and Windows Azure Cloud computing.