Get a second chance to modify the index!

Post Processor

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Modify the index after indexing. Extend Forward Search with custom plug-in modules. Dispatch Forward Search indexes in a distributed setup.

Forward Search will, if configured for it, launch a post processor each time a contents source has been added to an index. Part of this post processor is to handle needs for distribution of the changed index in a distributed solution, but before this is done, the Index Document Modification System (DocMod) is called, passing along the index and a list of all modified documents.

Forward Search can distribute and consolidate indexes and index-change deltas between several installations of Forward Search as found in large, high-performing solutions, which is one of the main purposes of the index Post Processor. The second purpose is to launch the DocMod Service to allow slow, asynchronous updates and enrichment of the index document entries after an indexing has taken place, it being a full or incremental index update or an event based index-run.

The DocMod Service thus operates on a Forward Search index, changing its content, rather than crawling a website or file repository and creating the index from that source.

The DocMod is a processing framework that will process each modified document from the index, calling filters and processor modules to change the contents or enrich the document in the index, changing field values or adding more fields to the index. This service operates on the live index and allows for time-consuming alteration code to finish, like calling remote WebServices or OCR scanning image documents. 

Forward Search is delivered with a number of useful ready-to-use modification modules like the “Duplicate-page Remover” and the “OCR-text-recognizer” and a number of filters that can tokenize values and process each token seperately, replace values with regular expressions, do lookups into the thesaurus and call the DidYouMean webservice. 

For further information on  the available modules, please refer to the “Index Document Modification System” document on the Partner portal, or contact Forward Search.

Extend Forward Search by writing custom DocMod Modification Modules

Some useful modules and filters are included in Forward Search, but if needed, you can add functionality to the document processing framework and thus have custom code executed for all modified documents upon completed indexing. Simply use the Document Modification API to write a pluggable module or filter and reconfigure the Post Processor configuration file to include your module or apply your filter to the document processing.