Out-of-the-box or meticulous customization? With Forward Search you get the best of both worlds!

Presenting Forward Search: Best of both worlds

Forward Search delivers a professional search product ready to use "Out-Of-The-Box", but also provides vast customization and extension options through configuration and API.

Forward Search provides instant search implementation. Through a simple installation process with only a few configuration needs, you can set up and start using the search capabilities of Forward Search in minutes.

At the same time, what you have installed in minutes, can be utilized and customized into a very delicate, precisely adapted and finely tuned search solution delivering first class search results, navigational support and refinement search.

Product or platform? With Forward Search you get both.

Search Solution out-of-the-box

Forward Search is a software bundle that will run right after installation. A few configurations later, it will index your website and provide a rich search interface including AJAX-based Type Ahead, Did you Mean, Fuzzy search, wildcard search and much more. It provides out-of-the-box access to more than 20 indexed fields for each of your documents – including title, text, language, modified date, document type, size, parent document, url, document category, a number of Dublin Core fields and much more. 

Using the included Administration client, it is a breeze to configure extra custom fields to serve any need your search solution may have, all within minutes. Even flexible faceted search is included as a simple configuration option the need for custom coding is minimal.

So, what's in the box?Forward Search comes pre-configured for standard indexing and search services: Read more about what you have, right after installation

Platform for development and customization

Forward Search contains within it, a number of interface points where you can configure, tweak, tune and indeed develop plug-in application libraries for, to completely change the standard installation to adapt to practically any search challenge you are facing. This includes an indexer-pipeline API, a post processing API, a number of specialized customization files like Geo-spatial setup, document inheritance setup, special logging and so forth.

Forward Search comes with 4 exposed and documented API's that hands over the reins of the index to you. There is literally nothing you can't do with a bit of coding.