Enterprise-class capabilities designed to deliver on any requirement

Enterprise ready

Configuration for high performance and availability
Built for Enterprises, Forward Search delivers a number of features particularly beneficial for large, complex enterprise website solutions.

With Forward Search it is easy to deploy, manage and integrate Search for your Websites or other Solutions with Enterprise-class capabilities designed for supporting even the most demanding organizations.

Why Forward Search for Enterprise Search solutions?

An Enterprise Search solution should provide unified, cross-system search integration, reflecting the corporate taxonomy and contents ontology. It should inherently respect and reflect the corporate security models, granting access for each user to just the subset of contents the security policy specifies.

It should be massively expandable, highly available and constantly updatable to be ever reflecting the total corpus of text available in the corporation.

Finally, it should be easily accessible, providing standardized methods of service-access for a broad application of search solutions across the various corporate systems. Forward Search delivers all that and more.

Several customers has benefited from this and applied Forward Search for various solutions. Customer examples include Brüel & Kjær A/S, DSV A/S, Jabra A/S, Milkround Online Ltd., NMBS/SNCB - Belgium National Railways, Widex A/S …

Direct benefits

Forward Search was built for Enterprise Search, and is therefore, down to the core system, tailored for such usage, even though Forward Search is often seen applied to more simple and straight-forward Website Search setups.

Forward Search is delivered as a software license, the software to be installed and run on any Windows based server, physical or virtual, as well as in the Cloud. This means very few restrictions on where Forward Search can run, and allows for adaption of the Search solution into all parts of the organization infrastructure. By exposing the search functionalities through WebServices, JSON handlers, XSLT and through a search API, search can be applied to literally any system environment imaginable, enabling corporations to apply unified search strategies across different systems and platforms.

Forward Search supports an unlimited number of data-sources, indexes and custom fields, to adapt to even quite sophisticated corporate taxonomies and logistical dispersions of contents, providing powerful search capabilities through vast data enrichment across heterogeneous sources of contents.

The Search solution will adapt to the users normal working situation, so which ever terms and categories they are used to apply their contents, the search engine immediately recognizes and applies to the searches also, disregarding of which part of the text corpus and from which physical system the data originate.

Enterprise Administration

Forward Search is delivered with an administrator prepared for Enterprise usage. The graphical user interface delivers overview at-a-glance of the status of all sources and indexes, and exploration tools for the search administrators to probe the systems for the detection of problems and to spot opportunities for optimizations.  The Administration client provides full access to numerous control-surfaces, but is completely configurable, based on whichever role-hierarchies needed by the enterprise, granting control access to precisely the required indexes and with the desired power for each group of employees throughout the organization. On top of that, the entire administration interface is translatable to any desired language, through the standardized Microsoft resource file scheme.

Power and flexibility - Expand, Extend, Excel

A basic Forward Search installation provides ultra-fast search through hundreds of thousands of documents, enhanced with a rich Out-of-the-box feature list that includes support for 25+ file formats. Enterprises, however, often requires more – Higher Availability, faster responses in larger text corpuses, with more advanced and complex rules, adapting to intricate taxonomies, indexing contents in many languages, from diverse and even exotic file-formats and integration sources from various sources even perhaps proprietary systems.

This is achievable by Forward Search, which provides features to allow it to run in various multi-server configurations for extended throughput and High Availability, and by providing several application programming interfaces that allow developers to interact with, and indeed modify the Forward Search indexing pipeline to a very fine level and on many aspects of the pipeline. This includes adding new data-source providers, adding filters for unsupported file formats, enriching indexed contents with information from databases and legacy systems, modifying indexed data in any way desired, applying any number corporate rules for enhancing and adapting the index for optimal use in the various enterprise environment, and more.

Please contact us with specific enquiries about the enterprise extension and expansion possibilities. We have created a system so flexible that it is impossible to cover all the possibilities the system yields, on these pages alone.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise level search projects demands Enterprise level support. Developing advanced Search solutions with multi-source setups and through API extension does often, despite the availability of well-scoped technical documentation and examples need direct dedicated, expert support to tackle obstacles and keep the pace of the project up. This is why Forward Search provides our Premium Support for all our Enterprise level projects, which includes direct phone support to the expert support team and free virtual onsite assistance on a day-to-day basis as extra service on top of the services provided for standard projects with day-to-day online support through our ticket system.