Why bother?


Benefits is a very subjective topic to address. Key benefits are listed here, together with some of the often overlooked ones.

Key Benefits include

  • Fast implementation - Out-of-the box features, good documentation and good support
  • Many appliances - Feature rich with many advanced features
  • Flexibility - Numerous ways to customize and interfere with the platform for different needs
  • Scalability - Run Search on one shared- or many dedicated servers with high availability and load balancing
  • Competitively – Pricing and TCO compered to alternative commercial or Open Source alternatives

Often Overlooked Benefits


Working with Forward Search might improve other areas as well. Due to the crawler based architecture the implementation of Forward Search might level the experiences of visible impaired visitors. Some of the technics used in WAI guidelines would the way around improve the process implementing search based on a crawler driven search engine. Along with the benefits public search might have of those considerations.

Public and Open standards

Forward Search adopts and embrace open standards. Why re-invent? Why make it difficult? All configurations are kept plain in accessible xml files, even though we deliver Intuitive Administration client, with guidance (tooltips) and validation on correct configuration.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Forward Search is primarily a Crawler based solution, where tagging of the web pages results in better content for enhancing search capabilities. Forward Search supports Standard Meta tags, Meta Robots tags, Dublin Core Meta tags, HTML5 tags and special tags.

An overseen benefit by applying tagging extensively to the website is SEO, making it easier to for Google and other Search Engines to find your site and the relevant content on it! Thereby improving traffic and potential increasing conversion rates.

Reduces infrastructure costs

The deployment flexibility of Forward Search that includes co-existing on the CMS installation (with no extra costs for server or hosting services) or Cloud support can reduce infrastructure costs.

Own It

Because it is a license based solution this can in time prove to be a good investment. Good Search platforms are known to last for decades, out living their entry integration points.

Supported Solution

"Where do I turn to?" Forward Search is a supported platform, in multiple levels - Normally direct end implementation is supported by our valued Partners, We will then get engaged on their behalf or together with them in helping the customer.