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Faceted Search (Search Driven Navigation)

Break the hierarchy! Let search fuel the users navigation towards the desired document

Search driven navigation means that visitors browses contents and finds desired documents by performing choices that triggers automatic searches, the results presented as lists of contents and eventually (once the appropriate number of choices has been made) single documents.

Search driven navigation can be created by having the menu or part of the menu structure being generated from term-lists queried directly from the index, or facets, using facet counted search queries – the latter providing exact document count for each menu item displayed.

Search driven navigation can also be created as multi-fielded multiple-choice panels where each choice the user makes narrows down or broadens up the search result that is generated on-the-fly each time the user changes the selected choices.

Forward Search supports search driven navigation through access to methods delivering term lists for specific fields and through our facet counted search result feature.