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Customisable Relevance Ranking

Need to tweak the sorting? Not a problem, using term, field and document boosting.

Ranking the results of a search by probable relevance is a key feature of Forward Search and indeed any serious search application, and Forward Search delivers a well-tempered relevance ranking scheme out-of-the-box. But no two solutions has precisely the same approach to the assessment of relevance, and therefore it is important to provide the means for configuring the relevance ranking. 

Forward Search allows relevance ranking configuration in a number of ways, including boosting of specific fields (keywords, categories, summaries etc), boosting of specific documents and boosting of specific terms in the actual search query. By using a combination of these handles, virtually any relevance ranking adjustment is possible, and it is mainly a question of precision versus inclusion of the returned documents in any given case, how the ranking scheme should be fine-tuned.