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Custom Fields

Unlimited number, very diverse application, very easy setup

Custom Fields are at the very heart of Forward Search customization and extension. Add as many as you like!  Really! No limit whatsoever! Let them be numeric, floats, strings, date-time,  names... and let them be analyzed, stored, tokenized, sorted and presented in different ways. 

Combine a number of Custom Fields into sets of fieldmaps, assign these to various sources and indexes, adapting each source to special usages - it being a product catalogue with item numbers, stock-quantity, price, related products etc, or contact books with people with names and other personal data, having training, competences and fields of expertice, being attached various departments and organizations. Its all just custom fields. And you can search, filter, sort, rank by and display them all.

Inherit common fieldmaps, add and modify those needed, and thus build consolidated indexes from very diverse sources, sharing common ancestor fields. 

With Forward Search you get a Custom Fields feature of unmatched power, coupled with an easy-to-use, gui-based setup.