Key feature,General

Intuitive Administrative client

Easy management: Just what you need, just where you need it.

Included in all versions of Forward Search is an intuitive Administration client that grants access to manage the Forward Search installation through a browser-based GUI interface.

The interface allows the editors, administrators and developers to setup, configure, tune and extend the Forward Search installation with new Custom Fields, new indexes, new sources, new entries in the Custom Thesaurus and the Geo-spatial search configuration.

Through the Administration client, you also get  access to monitor search behavior statistics, status information and reporting convenient for the day-to-day management of the search solution.

The administration client is highly configurable and supports different roles and client languages, and can all be customized to fit different user needs, allowing access to precisely those controls that makes sense for the specific user, hiding those that are irrelevant.

For Sitecore and EPiServer, the Administration client is delivered in a version that is integrated into the CMS administration client, delivering the full management power right where you need it, with no need for extra login. And it even follows the user and role of the cms login to provide just the right set of controls for a developer, an administrator or an editor.