Value Through Discovery

Forward Search

Introducing Forward Search: A Website- and Enterprise Search platform

Forward Search adds increased findability to your content. This is what we mean by our motto “Value Though Discovery”: Content is king, but only if you can find it. Use Forward Search to add value to your site by making the content more accessible, easier to find and with more precision in the relevance of each document.

Forward Search provides the platform for creating solutions to allow visitors to intuitively search and navigate through huge amounts of web content, documents and media files, ultimately finding precisely what they need, with the least effort.

Advanced Search capabilities

Forward Search delivers Advanced Search capabilities, covering Full-Text Search, content filtering, searching thru aliases, misspellings and Wildcards, Geo-Spatial Search (location/distance), OCR Search (images of text), behavior tracking- and reporting and the ability to perform extensive tuning of indexed content, enabling easy access to knowledge otherwise veiled below the surface of unstructured content.

Product information. Read more about the product capabilities and features through the stack of product information documents. 

The Forward Search architecture includes secure search across multiple sources and solutions, ensuring rights of content on user- or group level.

Forward Search scales to millions of documents and terabytes of data, in a single or several real-time updated indexes, with insignificant search response time. Forward Search supports Load Balancing and Fail-over setups.

Intuitive Administration

Forward Search includes an intuitive Administration client That allows the editors, administrators and developers to setup, configure, tune and extend the Forward Search installation.

Sitecore, EPiServer, Azure, and more.

Since Forward Search exposes its services through standard WebServices and http protocols, and delivers its results in XML and JSON formats, it can be used to provide search capability to practically any website content management application available.

Forward Search offers special, customized solutions for Sitecore and EPiServer.

Distribution Options

Forward Search is available for on premise installation or as a cloud-based platform. No matter the distribution of choice, organizations take full advantage of all capabilities Forward Search delivers.

Run Forward Search on one shared- or many dedicated servers with high availability and load balancing. Often solutions can co-exist on the CMS installation, with no extra costs for server or hosting services.

Forward Search for SitecoreForward Search has a special, adapted version for Sitecore that integrates with the Sitecore content system and administration client. Read more here...

Forward Search for EPiServerForward Search for EPiServer integrates with the EPiServer administration page, the EPiServer security and publish event. Read more here...

Forward Search in The Cloud Forward Search runs in both Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 clouds. Read more here...